Bowmasters game is a challenging action game where you will have to participate in exciting long-distance duels. Your task in the game is to attack your opponent and be the first to lower the life bar of others to 0 to win.

After each game, if you win, you will get bonus money to buy more characters. What is special about Bowmasters apk is that each character will have a unique weapon, and their damage effects are completely different. This will help players not be bored but busy unlocking newer characters with "death" from horror to humor, all in the game.

Bowmaster has about 30 different characters, all of which come with their own exclusive weapons. To get started, you only need to unlock one character, but as you go on and gain the level, you can unlock all the different characters and conquer.

Possessing a graphic with a fresh design and beautiful cartoon trends along with ragdoll physical mechanics contributing to the effects of damage when the character is hit. Whether you play against the computer or against a friend, the confrontations always end badly.

Features Bowmasters of Bowmasters

The game attracts players by the unique features that the game brings such as:

- It is an online game with a multiplayer game mode.

-With more than 60 characters with unique shapes and personalities for you to unlock for free and more than 60 types of weapons to fight.

- You can play with friends.

- There are many interesting game modes like bird shooting, apple shooting, fighting and making money from your victory.

- Enjoy yourself unlimited rewards thanks to your precise targeting skills.

- It is a game suitable for all ages players, helping you relieve all stress and hard from life. Despite being a shooter, thanks to the brilliant animated graphics, the gameplay becomes much softer. Players will meet 30 familiar characters in Bowmasters like Breaking Bad's Walter White, Deadpool or Skrillex.

- The game mode is diverse. You can choose to shoot fixed targets or move.

- After each game, if you win, you will get bonus money to buy more characters. Besides, there are mini-games for you to "change the wind", avoiding the boring feeling of repeated tables.

- This game is perfect for those who love hooded, who like everything medieval, including knights in shining armor, merlin mages, monks and yes, fire.

How to play Bowmasters Bowmasters game

- We will use the mouse to aim and shoot the enemy from an angle in this fun game.

- This game has a very simple way of playing, aiming at the enemy with various types of items depending on the character that the player chooses correctly to get many points.