Bowling king

As a popular product of Miniclip, Bowling King apk is rated as the leading bowling game on mobile because of its random matchmaking mechanism, realistic pitching style and international standard scoring method! In Bowling King, players will have the opportunity to try bowling with real players around the world, competing through stressful throws to see who is the global bowling master!

It is no exaggeration to say that Bowling King game is one of the best bowling games on the App Store because of its intuitive control mechanism, unexpected matchups, fierce competition on the charts and tournaments. The game is played continuously, giving players the opportunity to show off their bowling skills over time. If the graphics and sound are more attentive, Bowling King will surely become a perfect bowling game on mobile.

Features of bowling king

Intuitive touch and swipe control mechanism.

Opportunity to join exciting bowling tournaments around the world: Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Paris and many other big cities.

Unlock over 60 types of eye-catching bowling balls, 27 pin (ky) and pitch to show your bowling class.

1-on-1 mode: pair 2 players in real time.

Challenge mode: overcome many bowling and earn free rewards.

Play games with friends: invite friends to join Bowling King and fight against each other anytime, anywhere.

Join the mini game: lucky draw or play Roulette.

The top 5 rankings are waiting for you to conquer.

More than 120 achievements for players to complete.

Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

How to play Bowling king game

The ranking system in Bowling King for iOS is refreshed weekly and based on the results of the match between players in the tournament, plays with friends, by country or global tournament to find 5 players who have Best results listed at the top.

Each ranking will have a minimum of 100 players, of which the top 10 positions will receive rewards corresponding to the existing rank. Usually, the number of chips you earn after each win in 1: 1 match mode will help you rank.

Challenge mode (Challenge) also has its own ranking. If the 1: 1 matchup pattern is randomly ranked according to the total number of chips earned, the Challenge mode depends on the time you complete the challenge. Don't forget that you need your heart to accomplish your goals. The top 100 of the challenge mode will also receive a reward in the game's achievement system.