Bouncemasters is a mobile game with 3D graphics and extremely attractive gameplay because of the funny, funny, Bouncemasters player as a polar bear with a baseball bat in his hand and "whip" the penguin far away to get good grades. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Bouncemasters take you to challenge a snowy year round, which is the North Pole. With cute characters like white bear, penguin, many very interesting activities in the game make you addicted to this game right away. Pony Creator download now.

In Bouncemasters, there is a penguin who sees a very pretty girlfriend but is quite far away. He wanted to get there quickly but he didn't have a car, and of course he couldn't fly. But fortunately, his polar bear friend was able to help him get there by using a stick to hit hard like golf. Not only that, but each time he landed he was supported by the fat-filled stomachs of seals or reindeer and then continued his journey. Accurate landing is not easy especially for new players. When I first started playing, I just couldn't land properly and landed sml. The bouncemasters will end when you fly to the finish line or the penguin falls to the ground without being supported by anything.

In addition to landing correctly, you should pay attention to collect a lot of coins on the flight. Because in any game, money is always important to help you a lot. When you have the money, you can upgrade your bird and remember to upgrade it for the bear too because it helps you a lot.
There are many things that you need to upgrade for penguins, first is strength and speed or besides recovery. The polar bear gives you a certain amount of flying distance initially so you need to upgrade the bear's shot as well as buy the bear interesting weapons like shovels, lollipops, mace, etc. Daily helps you earn a lot of money so do not forget to log in every day to do the task.
You should upgrade in a balanced manner. Each upgrade will greatly help your bird, and each upgrade has its own advantages.


- Cute cartoon graphics. As if lost in a world of fairy age, Bouncemasters players will feel the freshness and fun of the game with images of animals shown as cartoon characters. Bright graphics and vivid game images immediately impressed gamers when first exploring the game.

- Play extremely funny, hilarious. Bouncemasters players must throw sour penguins to a distance as far as possible, the further away the higher the score. You will be using a baseball bat given by the polar bear to "kick the ass" of the penguins going far. Make sure you do it better than last time.

- Challenging game levels. You will challenge yourself through many different levels in Bouncemasters when you have to meet the penguins farther. The higher levels are a little harder but there is help on your side.

Feeling bored playing alone? Invite your friends and "fly" between the arctic Arctic. The person with the higher score will be the winner, are you ready to knock out your friends?

The game has bright colors, harmonious and quite funny like the Disney cartoons. Smoothly designed physical motion. Penguin collisions often make hilarious cries.

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