Boom Beach

Boom Beach apk is about a modern war, where players are transformed into island owners to participate in a struggle for power, invading each other without ending.

Boom Beach is designed on a beautiful tropical island and your village will be surrounded by blue sea and majestic jungle ways. The people in your village are living in peace and happiness when one day the enemy invades and you have no other choice but to stand up to fight to protect your people.

Players will have to train their forces such as infantry, air force, marines, ... become the best force to resist the attacks of enemies and capture other lands to obtain resources. build up more and more powerful forces.

In the beginning, Boom Beach will surely remind players of the impression of the game Clash of Clan in many ways such as from military forces, presentation, interface, ... However, not so. but you can skip it because Boom Beach still has its own impression that will make you satisfied even if this is just a copied game.Features of Boom Beach

How to play Boom Beach game

Wood is the raw material you need to harvest regularly, as much as possible, because it does not know how much is enough to upgrade the house.

After each battle, you should review it to gain experience to build a more perfect base, making it difficult for opponents to capture your base.

Build a hole in the middle of the forest to cover your buildings, you will be protected by trees around the house, the only way for opponents to hit it will be filled by mines.

This way, you will force the enemy to waste missiles on the mines or drain some soldiers when forcing them to walk through.

At the beginning of the fight it is the best time for you to use the cannon, which can destroy roadblocks such as defensive lines or enemy mines.

Use the feature "Search new opponents" to easily beat the opponent to bring yourself attractive resources

Note in the game to not miss the opportunity to receive treasure chests filled with free diamonds, it is located randomly on an island on the map

Upgrading at the right time should not be so hasty that everything is left behind.