BombSquad is a new style bomb game with gameplay that emphasizes the elements of the team, allowing up to 8 people to play simultaneously and diverse game modes. Co-op mode, which allows 1 to 4 players at the same time, including many different levels and levels of completion, you will unlock a new level. Here, the tasks that gamers need to complete are as diverse as winning the flag before the opponent, participating in a number of sports mini games such as soccer or ice hockey and mini games with the combination of these two tasks. . In addition, Co-op Mode is also divided into three categories: campaign play with difficult or easy levels and a variety of challenges, the second type is to participate in Tournament tournaments and the third is the screen level.

It is a skill training game before officially playing.In each game screen, almost gamers do not have time to observe the environment anymore because once appearing, the opponent will immediately throw bombs. And now, the player is forced to quickly help the character dodge, and throw bombs in time. In addition, calculating the distance, throwing direction and movement speed of the opponent are also important factors to help you quickly overwhelm the opponent, collect more additional boxes such as bombs, power, orbs. defenses help protect soldiers from being injured when bombs explode and more. In general, BombSquad is a fun, funny game that allows to play many people and single player mode is equally attractive. . Currently, the game is attracting more than 5 million players to download, so if you are interested, visit here to download BombSquad immediately to your computer to play offline.