Bolt is a car booking application to request a fast and affordable ride.

Just press the button to book a car, be picked up by a nearby driver and enjoy the cheap ride to your destination. Bolt is available in more than 30 countries and more than 100 cities around the world.

Bolt's mission is to provide fast and accessible transportation to millions of people around the world, while helping thousands of drivers support their families.


How to request a ride with the Bolt app:

Step 1. Open the app and book your destination

Step 2. Ask the driver to pick you up

Step 3. See your driver coming in real time

Step 4. Enjoy the trip to the destination

Step 5. Pay -app or cash (available in some countries) The

Features of Bolt application:

- See upfront ride price and know how much you will pay

- The app helps to book your pick up location even if you don't know the exact address

- You can rate your driver for feedback and help us improve the quality of service

- Add your credit card and never worry about carrying cash again. We will email you a receipt after each trip


- Booking a car with the Bolt app is very economical because you pay the price for the trip, you can choose your own car, choose your driver (Example: When you go to the airport, negotiate a contract you can choose 1 Toyota Camry, Mercedes are luxurious. If you go to work, you can choose a Kia Morning, which is compact and flexible ...)

- The bolt application system will send your trip request to all drivers around you, you can also negotiate with the driver to get the trip with better prices and the best quality service for The car you have chosen.

- Passengers set their own price! You decide for yourself what is affordable and reasonable for your trip. On Bolt's platform, there is never a story of "Increasing rush hour prices", when using Bolt you have complete control of your finances and efficiency in your movement. Typically, the average cost of trips with Bolt is 30-50% cheaper than that of traditional taxis, carpooling or other booking services.

- With the Bolt app, you instantly move! You do not need to go to the street to call a taxi. Just request a ride in the app and choose a ride from the drivers around you. Average waiting time - 2-5 minutes! The most special feature of Bolt is that you can choose the driver, choose the car according to your travel needs.