Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 APK, epic strategy game Locate your dart monkey, Tack Shooters and more to blow up balloons as they fly around the track. Earn money when you successfully pop balloons and accumulate experience for your towers to upgrade them even further. The sequel to this famous Bloons Tower Defense includes co-op mode, so you play with your friends!

Prevent the bloons from escaping by buying things to shoot and pop them. Once you buy something, you can upgrade it and resell it to buy something else

Bloons TD5 has loads of new features including all of your favorite towers from BTD4 with 8 awesome upgrades instead of 4 and two brand new towers never seen before. So many great things: tower upgrades with Super-activating abilities, new Bloon types, exciting new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful Agents towers, daily rewards and Daily challenges - an exciting new challenge to play every day!

The 5th version of Bloons TD offers a bunch of new units and is also a new beginning song. Moreover, new tower upgrades with exciting animations will keep you entertained for hours. Songs with moving parts are also a great addition and provide additional strategy and capabilities.

Features of Bloons Tower Defense 5

- Tunnels and moving parts for tracks.

- New tracks. There are 71 additional songs added in the update now.

- Lots of tower options with upgrades

- Cooperation mode

- Agents with a special skill

- Add towers like Sniper Monkey, Ninja Monkey, Monkey Sub and change Monkey Beacon to Monkey Village.

- Camo Bloons appear in different types of bloons and hold the camo until all of the bloon layers are turned on or Signal Flare, Foam Cleansing or Submerged Monkey Sub is used.

How to play Bloons Tower Defense 5

The various powerful parts and tunnels you can use are varied - starting with the simple Monkey dart tower and proceeding to unlock new units. Specially powerful agent tunnel tunnels can be built, for example, to provide you with additional strategies and options to defeat your enemies.

Shoot in 8 directions when turned on. Each tack can turn on one bloon layer and turn on up to three bloons at once. They can dodge the Rubber Block but not the Metal Block and their effect will stop when touching the Brick Block or Ceramic Block. This bloon appears in every game in the Bloons series. It is represented by a pink color with a tactic on it, a mistletoe with leaves in Bloons 2 Christmas Pack, or a rose in Bloons 2 Spring Fling.

When turned on, it will allow the monkey to shoot three darts at once at the next shot. The closer the rat is to the monkey, the more spread of the dart will.