Blogger apk

Blogger helps users to blog while on the go. You're in a place where you don't have a computer, because you can't always carry a bulky computer with you, like when you're traveling, hanging out with friends, and you want to post your experiences. blog. At this point, the application will be very useful for you, you can compose posts very easily, save as draft for further editing, view published posts, add photos and stickers on posts.

Features of Blogger

Blogger app is the official Android application for the popular blogging service. The app helps you compose a quick post with the ability to embed images in your posts from the gallery or take photos from the app camera option or add attractive labels to your posts to get more views.

With this application, you can work on your blog just like you would from a computer, you can access all the important features, update your blog, moderate and read comments and watch. site visits and stats, and have total control over your blog at all times.

One of the unique features that desktops can't offer you, such as the option to post photos to your blog as soon as you take them. You can take and publish any photo right from the app itself. Publish the post right from the app or easily save the post to a draft for further editing.

You can add stickers, images to posts to make them more lively and attractive. With a rich number of stickers including many different expressive nuances, the symbols and symbols will make the post more attractive. You can edit the images before posting, for example, change the size, dimensions of the image, increase or decrease the color...

The app gives you the ability to view published posts or saved ones easily and conveniently.

Easily add location information wherever you are.

If you have multiple accounts or blogs you can easily switch through the app.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access the device. This application is very safe so you do not worry about your personal information being stolen as well as important data.

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The application keeps your blogging from being stuck, can be done anytime, anywhere and to meet the needs of users, manufacturers are always trying to upgrade the application. If you have any suggestions or requests, please give feedback to the manufacturer so that they can make the application even better.