Blackboard apk

Blackboard is a consortium specializing in building online learning solutions for all levels of education, with a focus on higher education globally. The Group has 20 years of experience in building education systems in many Asian countries and around the world. The ecosystem built by the corporation has been applied by many universities in the world. Advantages of the application that Blackboard offers compared to other reputable companies such as sharing information between users in the ecosystem, decentralizing management, measuring training quality, and open solutions for each user's needs. Separate apps or mobile learning apps.

Blackboard is the world's leading e-learning platform application implemented by many school organizations in internal training, in order to meet the continuous training needs from Departments and Divisions. functional departments, representative offices and branches.

This app helps students stay informed, updated and stay connected. This includes Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience - a comprehensive web conferencing solution for high-quality virtual classes and meetings.

With the application of Blackboard's e-learning solutions, currently, it not only satisfies the training needs with the participation of dozens of members, exchange and association activities with customers also become simple. and more efficiently, for greater cohesion efficiency.

This app basically works on three profiles

- Owner / Principal

* Owners can handle multiple schools and multiple roles with a single login so easily every detail will be at your fingertips.

* Now there are internal social media with notifications to create your event and share photos with the school.

* Find every single detail of your teacher and it's easy for you to change the schedule by selecting just the teacher from the current list.

* Very easy to use for their daily school management issues.

* In PTM just search for student's names and can find records, attendance, homework details results in just one click.

* Join digitizing and enjoy connecting with parents Design your own school.

- Teachers / Staff

* Less than 30 seconds challenge just utter the name of the student and just click absent and leave. Still, remember someone can change it anytime anywhere. But only by the teachers attended.

* Why to discuss homework well, you can send it just one click and even attachments can be sent as images, pdf, excel. Even results can be organized over time to reduce the voice and pen you enjoy to connect with the whole class with one click.

- Student / Parent

* Now it is easy to connect with the school and find any school updates on your app.

* Connect with your school bus tracking and deliver leaves to the school.

The Blackboard app not only helps you connect with your friends and interests. It is also your personal organization to store, save and share. It's easy to have total control over your photos and privacy. Security is the most important patch we provide NDA with Individual Data Security Schools.

Features of the Blackboard

• Quickly view updates on your courses and content

• Do exercises and tests

• View grades of courses, assignments and tests

• Participate in Collaborate sessions on the go

Blackboard provides affordable business software applications and services related to training and development. Blackboard is suitable for small and medium businesses, associations and non-governmental organizations.