BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator apk is a simulation game developed by Candywriter, LLC. South American-based app developers make fun and casual apps for mobile and tablet devices. The simulation game meanwhile is about trying to live longer with an effective life or villain.

BitLife allows players to decide how their characters will live. They are free to choose what will happen to their lives. They can take the high road by making the right choice for a model citizen. Some positive scenarios before reaching death or ending are marrying a dream partner, raising children and choosing an ideal job. On the other hand, players can take a more sinister role by taking the lower path. They can become a threat to their parents, fall into crime, incite devastating riots, become a smuggler or even have an affair with their spouse. The simulation game eventually ends at the player's death and they will receive a eulogy about how they live whether it is honor or disgrace. Players can also haunt as an appearance if they want to do so. The end is up to the player to decide.

The simulation game allows users to have an insight into other people's lives through roleplay. Players are old and they have to choose what they will do next. There will be situations where they have to choose 3 options. They have to deal with real-life situations such as health problems, substance abuse, crime and socialization. Each choice has a branching outcome. Other options available are Job, Assets, Relationships and Activities. They can try real jobs that they may not be able to do in real life. Players are free to choose a relationship for a taste of simulated romance. They can also extend their life in the game by balancing both career and health. Players can also observe the lives of careers and love the lives of their simulated families. It is not only about themselves but also the impact of their life-changing decisions that can grow or be destroyed. Children can be taught the concepts of choices and consequences in life. They may be frightened at first about the limited time in life but it will help them grow up. The game also receives constant updates from the developers as they receive constructive feedback from their fans and community. There is also a Bitlife community where players can discuss which paths will yield optimal results such as longer life, successful careers and happier dispositions in life.

BitLife can teach players that they will only live once and every choice is important. They can also try the life they have dreamed of for years.

Will you try to make all the right choices in your efforts to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You can marry the love of your life, have children and get a good education along the way.

Or will you play options that scare your parents? You could fall into a life of crime, love or adventure, start a prison riot, smuggle bags and cheat your partner.

Discover how little by little life choices can add up to determine your success in game life.

Interactive story game has been around for years. But this is the first textual life simulator that truly combines and simulates the lives of adults.


- Simulate life with scripts

- Try out different careers

- Many different endings

- Teach the concept of options and consequences