BIRD is not a bird but the name of a scooter that does not need to be propelled but now uses electricity. Just download the BIRD app to your smartphone and you can activate BIRD to run around the street at a starting price of just US $ 1.


Bird gives you access to shared scooters and personal trams in more than 100 locations worldwide. Whether you're at work, in class, or just breathing fresh air, Bird will get you to your destination easily. No traffic, no pollution only you, open roads and a sustainable way to travel around the neighborhood.

When you do not need anymore, you can leave this electric car anywhere you want after the end of the car rental journey. Basically, BIRD covers this type of Electric Scooter throughout the city.

Benefits of BIRD

- Convenient and cheap

- Help reduce pollution and congestion

How to use BIRD

1. Turn on the phone and the BIRD app. Find BIRD at the nearest location. All BIRDs have navigation, so they can't run anywhere else

2. Wear a helmet

3. After finding a BIRD like that and activating, gently push the legs 2, 3 for the car it rolled, and then use the right thumb to push the button on the steering wheel to start the engine.

4. Place left foot first, right foot back, in a vertical line on the base of BIRD

5. According to US law, BIRD can run in parallel with cars but most people prefer to run on the sidewalk for pedestrians.

6. Win on the left hand side

7. Do not park BIRD blocking aisle. Park the bicycle seat

8. Do not want to go BIRD anymore, open the app, and press the button to lock BIRD again. Accomplished. There is no need for BIRD. Abandoning BIRD is fine. There will be people coming. That's the cool thing about BIRD. Strangers cannot steal or move BIRD without opening the app and unlocking it. If deliberately moving the locked BIRD, it will sound. Of course, there is no chip-chip because it is not a bird.

Fly liability

- Avoid walking on sidewalks, unless required by local law or allow

- Wear a helmet when you ride

- Parks away from walkways, driveways and ramp access

- Visit to learn the rules of the road