BIGO LIVE - Live Stream is a new online social networking application. This app allows you to live stream your special moments, chat face to face with your friends or make video calls.

The Live Stream movement is becoming hotter than ever, when the "king" of social network Facebook resonated with this movement. Users can stream videos on phones to friends, or Live Stream videos Facebok on PC thanks to OBS software. And a new phenomenon emerged with the name BIGO LIVE, a social network for young people with a feature that allows us to live stream videos on iOS or Android phones.

When participating in BIGO LIVE apk, people can chat and meet with many friends through online videos. Or you will create your own live video stream to everyone. In this article, the Network Administrator will bring you an article detailing how to use BIGO LIVE app to be able to stream videos to friends.


- Go Live: Singing, dancing, eating, traveling, playing games ... Just a light touch to broadcast live! BIGO LIVE is the place to broadcast your best moments.

- Watch Live Shows: Open BIGO LIVE, you can explore the world through thousands of exciting live streams and videos. Millions of talented idols, passionate dancers and singers, culinary experts, comedians, etc. will give you a nice party. Add a new way to explore the world and people you never knew.

- Video Chat & Video Calls: With BIGO LIVE, you can video chat with millions of people from different countries and make free video calls to friends or strangers.

- Join a Live Multi-guest room: In addition to 1: 1 live chat, you can go to the Live Multi-guest room for group video chat or voice chat with your friends. Alternatively, you can organize a party or play games here together.

- Fighting PK: With just a few taps, BIGO will match you with new friends and strangers around or around the world. You can chat together or start a PK match to experience the super excited feeling.

- Live Game: You can watch a variety of Live Games online or let people see your gameplay, a variety of games like PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, CSGO, DOTA2, FIFA, RoV, Rules of Survival and more.

- Great gifts: Various types of virtual gifts such as roses, rings, angels, super cars, luxury yachts, dream castles and many other gifts. Become an Idol, receive gifts from fans and convert this gift into cash to earn extra income easily unbelievably!

- Free Voice Chat Room: Create or join a free Voice Group Room and have fun together. You can sing karaoke together, join the game "Truth or Dare" or chat with global users about topics that interest you.

- Magical videos & lovely Stickers: Now you have more features to adjust videos and apply various Sticker stickers to your Live Stream. Adorable cat face, cute eyes, crown, funny bunny ears, tears, etc. are all here. We are sure that you enjoy these features.