Bed Wars - one of Minecraft's TOP 1 game modes for years. Different from the peace of Towny game mode. You and your teammates will fight together with other teams. The only purpose is to protect your bed. Decisive victory in this game mode. It sounds a bit ridiculous but in fact Bed Wars is creating a fever in the international Minecraft community. Bed Wars is a mobile game with team-style PvP fighting style, players will protect their base as a bed and use all resources to destroy other people's beds, win . Since the launch of Bed Wars has been loved by many players thanks to the graphics designed in Minecraft block style.

The world in the game is made up of blocks into sharp edges, large and small sizes. Add to that the intuitive game controls and smooth action that are sure to interest you. Bed Wars has a maximum of 16 players divided equally into 4 teams. They were born on 4 different islands. Each island has its own base and bed. Players on the team can revive, as long as the bed exists. In addition, the islands in Bed Wars have iron, gold and diamonds for gamers to collect and exchange for merchants, equipment, weapons. Use equipment and blocks to collect more resources on the central island. Build bridges to enemy islands, destroy beds and kill them. The team that survives to the end wins.