I work for an app company and got permission a few months ago to use some of the company’s tools to make an app for something I’m quite passionate about - BDO Boss Timer!

The project started relatively small - I wanted to make an app that I could have reference info available without alt-tabbing out of BDO. I finished the first release a few months ago but didn’t really think it was useful enough to post to reddit. You can download Google Assistant apk for an experience similar to the BDO Boss Timer.

Since, the project’s evolved a bit and after a few months of work, I added a few more references/features people directly requested as feedback. I think it’s pretty worthy now! Here’s a list:

References - A feature with some reference info that’s nice to have available at a quick glance without alt-tabbing. Best example would be the failstacking chart.

Data Tracker - A lot of people keep “experiments” in BDO to try calculate different RNG rates. It’s tedious to go back and forth especially for repeat activities like enchanting so I thought it would be useful to have a feature for this. Also made with people who want to try and “decompose” the RNG by looking at the more complicated variables in mind.

Boss Timer - The feature I’m most excited for! A crowdsourced boss timer. Be notified when bosses spawn - with configurable volume for the notifications. No more staying awake an extra 3 hours for boss windows. Just set the Bheg notification to “alarm" mode and the app will wake you up when he spawns. Not available yet - looking for early contributors to help pilot this (to avoid trolls). Open the module in the app for details.

Chat - I initially added this because it was quick because of the way the company’s apps are set up. The more I think about it it’s not really that useful so I might remove this. It’s honestly pretty useless as it is now.

Gear Wheels (upcoming) - Some people like showing off their gear. Some people like stalking other people’s gear. I received a request for a module where you can upload your own/view other people’s gear wheels. I think this would be easy to implement so it’s probably next up on the list.

I’m sure anyone who checks it out might have feedback. Please feel free to give your criticisms/next step suggestions below. I want to make the app better. Thanks for checking out my post!

Edit 1: All this feedback really clears the ambiguity around which direction it would be best for the app to go next. I don't think I'll get around to responding to everyone so just wanted to say thanks so much again to anyone who downloaded the app / left a critique or suggestion.

Edit 2: Android users, there was a bug with creating the profile. The bug has since been fixed - should be working once you download the update from the Play Store.

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