BBC Media Player

BBC Media Player can be used in conjunction with BBC websites and applications to provide video and audio playback on Android devices.

After downloading this app, you will continue to use your favorite BBC websites and apps on regular Android devices. Every time you play a video or audio, BBC Media Player will start and handle the playback of the content.

Please note that user experience information is collected when you use the BBC Media Player application. If you are not satisfied that it is included in our usage report, you can install the application. For more information, please visit

Features of BBC Media Player

• Network communications - full Internet access.

This permission will allow BBC Media Player to access the Internet so you can play it.

• System utilities - prevent the phone from going to sleep and downloading running applications.

After granting this permission, the BBC Media Player application can prevent your phone from going to sleep while watching the program.

• Phone - read phone status and identity (Android Honeycomb and below only).

Providing this permission will allow the BBC Media Player application to have telephone contact status and notify the application when a phone rings or a call is in progress. We only use this permission to ensure that BBC Media Player pauses playback when receiving calls and temporarily lowers the volume when receiving messages or other notifications while watching the program. The BBC Media Player application cannot access and store personal information, phone numbers, or IMEI numbers.