Banana Kong

Banana Kong is a fun action role-playing game for Android and iOS devices. Play Banana Kong game for free on your phone to immerse yourself in the world of wildlife, using the one-touch control mechanism to guide the monkey during the journey of escape.

Banana Kong leads players into a pretty scary and heart-pounding adventure with monkeys, crossing a lot of jungle areas, caves, tree tops ... so as not to be buried by the banana storm behind. . One thing that is quite sorrowful is that although they are fleeing from the chase of banana storms, monkeys still have to collect these same golden bananas to be energy to sustain life, help it accelerate, buy items and complementary in this thrilling chase.

In Banana Kong game, your task is quite simple, just control for Monkey Kong to run, jump and curl, even fly in space to eat bananas and avoid obstacles. With touch, touch or swipe, the player can help the monkey jump, slide or activate the acceleration mode (Power Dash) is very simple. The race will only stop when the monkeys crash into rocks, walls, fall into the river and prey for crocodiles.

Don't miss the benefits of riding a boar or flying with birds to overcome difficult obstacles like rock walls, crocodiles in the river, devil fish or craters. In this race, nature is the most dangerous enemy! When collecting bananas on the run, pay attention to the yellow bar in the upper left corner of the screen. When the bar is full, swipe your finger from left to right to activate Power Dash mode, help Kong monkey speed up and go through walls in a short period of time.

Each turn in Banana Kong will be a new challenge for you to overcome but will not be subject to any limits. Do you maintain the board forever unless you let the monkeys crash into the rocks or fall into the river? Collect as many bananas as possible to fill the energy bar. Use Power Dash to destroy obstacles or use alternative routes such as diving under the river, going through walls, climbing tree tops ... in difficult situations. In this jungle adventure, Banana Kong players also find out many secrets and unlock new plugins to exploit the game to the maximum.

FEATURES of Banana Kong

- Save on cloud

- Support HD display

- Fully integrated Game Services

- Riding the animals

- Control one finger

- 10 seconds from starting the game to start playing

Although the game genre running to death Endless Run is not a new concept on the App Store, before we have been addicted to super products such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Blades of Brim... but Banana Kong is completely confident. is a unique runner game that you should not ignore. Highlights with the sound effects are very suitable for a high-speed running game, using impressive techniques, fun storyline, smooth game, support on landscape screen and Retina HD for quality the most optimal image... download Banana Kong will bring you hours of tireless and charismatic running to the end.