Banana kong 2

Banana Kong 2 is a fun role-playing game for Android 3.2 and above devices and free to experience. In this game, players will receive the task of helping the monkey Monkey avoid the "storm" of bananas and collect lots of other fruits to increase power.

High dynamic game technology will bring exciting experience in non-stop running steps. Each running session is a new challenge because that level is randomly built. Collect as many bananas as possible to refill the energy bar. Use powerful throws to destroy obstacles or choose alternate runs such as underground rock caves or climbing tree tops. Find out the secrets and unlock additional features to experience the game to the fullest.

Kong's monkey work in this game is like being haunted by bananas like a character in the Nintendo series. Everything was knocked down, creating an avalanche full of bananas that Kong needed to run quickly, so would have to run constantly and that was the focus of the game.

King will automatically sprint, with one touch will help it jump out of the air. Keeping your finger down will help Kong slip in a short distance, while gliding to the right will cause massive devastating force by breaking the obstacles appearing in the run.

Colliding with one of these obstacles or falling into other dangers, such as a large lake will cause Kong to stop the game.

Although bananas cause Kong a lot of problems, they still can't ignore them. Along the way, players will have to pick up as many fruits as possible and it is used to buy items to increase strength and other tools in the game's store.

Features of banana kong 2

Experience the beautiful beach in new game mode.

Riding on the back of a new friend: Snake.

Many challenging missions.

New obstacles, especially the crabs with extreme strength.

Adding bonuses are colorful balls.

How to play banana kong 2 game

To have the power to overcome this difficulty, the monkeys have to run and eat bananas before they can add energy to overcome challenges. In addition, the golden bananas are also the equivalent of a currency to help you buy useful items to support the monkey Monkey.

Collect as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar. Use 1 power to destroy obstacles or have alternative routes such as deep underground cave areas or treetops.