Ball Mayhem!

Ball Mayhem! is a simple, unique and interesting arcade game, in which you play an American football player who has to dodge (or push) other players (both their own and the opponent's team) and try to get get a touch of the ball. And once you go to the end area, you can throw the ball to try for a yard goal.

The controls are perfect for touch and graphics devices, though simple, very nice. The only problem is that actually winning a game can be quite difficult.

Ball Mayhem! is an excellent multiplayer sports game where you can play fast-paced American football! The goal is simple - work with your teammates to bring the ball to the end area and score goals. When you win, you gain experience to improve your team and add stars to buy new equipment for players on the team.

Every time you make a touch, you level up and each lever is harder than the last. This is because you start having to dodge only a few players, but in later levels, you have to overcome countless rival players.

You must avoid incoming tackles and keep the ball at all costs. If the opposing team has the ball, you must try and solve them to get the ball out of them! The graphics are great, and the football game is awesome! In addition to protecting your players, you can also create weaknesses to fool your opponent's character.

Ball Mayhem is a very funny sports soccer game with a fairly new gameplay, cute and funny images, where you will be a player with your teammates playing against other teams in a battle. intense. Fight to show everyone your team is the strongest in the world.

Ball Mayhem! is one of the addictive mobile games from the famous game publisher VOODOO. Like a normal ball game like in the game, the simplified rules of play become funny and hilarious. You will have to play as a team player, the goal is to win the ball and bring it to the bottom area. Play and earn scores, to prove your team power.

In the game Ball Mayhem you will have to show the ability of an excellent player, take the ball from your team very brave, the ball is the person who plays an important role. To win the ball and score points, you must know your position and mission, master the movement, not out of the restricted area.

Features of the Ball Mayhem game

- Fun sports game

- As a player on the football field

- Win the ball and score points

- Simple and fun gameplay

- The match between 1st and 2nd half

- Easy to learn controls.

- A shadow indicator

- Rating system

- The game is fast and very entertaining.

- Takes up little space in memory.

How to play Ball Mayhem!

The gameplay is quite simple: just swipe your finger on the screen to get your player running around the yard, knocking everything down his path. Basically, you have to take the ball and dribble it to the opposite court to reach the finish line, while protecting your players so the opponent doesn't take the ball away.