Ball Blast

Ball Blast is a simple shooting game that gives you a lot of fun when your mission is to control a mobile cannon to shoot enemies. The cannon will be fired automatically, you just need control to move. There will be many balls falling from above, carrying different numbers. Aim at it accurately to hit the ball. The more hit, the lower the number until they reach 0, the ball will explode and fall gold coins.

The number of points per sphere does not depend on its size. When a small ball falls down, do not rush to shoot or draw the disaster to the body. In some cases, balls are small in size but carry a few times the points of a normal ball. Statistics show that 30% of the players were killed by these large, small balls. Whether or not you realize this depends greatly on your alertness and game proficiency.

When you win a certain number of points, you will unlock the next screen. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually according to the level that requires more advanced weapons to overcome them. The cannon with great destructive power, allowing players to shoot down the balls faster is an indispensable item when players reach the game screen later.

Giving players an eye-catching graphics, easy to see, wide scenery, bright colors are changed through each different screen will not make you bored when passing the level. The cannon through upgrades also equipped with monumental accessories, beautiful, to satisfy even the most demanding players.

Features of Ball Blast

The game feels attractive to those who like to calculate and put the logic as a guideline for their gaming trend. This is an effective entertainment game and a great choice from you because it possesses extremely attractive features such as:

- Ball Blast is a game that brings relaxation to players. Give yourself some free time to aim and shoot.

- The game requires players to think strategically and make the most of their power to be able to overcome all challenges.

- You can check the point of saving your last record.

- You control the game very easily when you only have to move your cannon.

- Challenge your friends to see who soon conquers the game with the highest scores.

How to play Ball Blast game

- Use your mouse to control the cannon moving constantly across the screen in this fascinating gun bawns game.

- The game requires you to be flexible with a little calculation to be able to overcome all challenges of the game easily.