B612 apk

B612 apk - Beauty & Filter Camera is a unique photography application on mobile devices, allowing you to take selfies anytime and anywhere to make the difference for your images compared to many applications of the same function. Application B612 possesses modern photographic features, automatically beautifies the image to help users need to spend a lot of time to edit.

B612 app has an extremely handy interface, very streamlined features. B612 is only used with the front camera and allows you to "selfie" with one hand by touching anywhere on the screen near the "shutter" button. The front camera starts working as soon as you start the app, so it doesn't require confusing settings. With 1,500 diverse stickers, many different unique frames. Camera B612 will give users an extremely interesting experience in every photo. Designed with a specialized function, completely different from other image processors, B612 brings users the freshness and youthfulness of the young; the modernism and professionalism of the most advanced photography application and the relentless creativity of the world's leading design experts.

Features of B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera

- Automatic recognition of Sticker: With the feature of automatic recognition of the face of B612 download, every time you take a photo of a Sticker will be displayed in the image extremely accurate. Please stir up your Photo Album with funny stickers in this application.

- Beauty effects: When using B612, the software allows you to customize the image accordingly. If you want a slimmer face, the B612 app will help you at a glance. And there are many other beauty ways waiting for you to discover. Real-time beauty effects for perfect photos. Facial beauty with one touch. Shape your ideal face with an easy to use slider.

- Ultra-standard filters: The variety of filters allows users to choose how to suit your style, or preferences. All filters in the application will help your photo colors become much more vivid. Save those memorable moments with the exclusive filter of application B612. Spotless filter to suit your tastes. High quality filter for selfie, food photography, landscape ... perfect. Quickly access your favorite and most used filters.

- Own music videos: Users can record for themselves extremely interesting music videos. You just need to choose your favorite music, insert it into the video and you have yourself a lively, funny music video right on your device already. Varied effects and playback speed, resulting in a more lifelike music video

- Boomerang video recording: This function helps users to record videos extremely interesting, funny, and many haunting image processing phase of this feature.

- More than 1,500 different stickers: Face recognition sticker can distort your face or turn you into a lovely animal. Shiny effects and analog filters light up your everyday life. Rich drawing effects, allowing you to draw when recording videos.

- Improve user interface, easy access to albums, collage mode, random mode, filters and settings menu directly from the camera screen.

- Improve camera features, make it easier to use the timer, blur, blur and adjust the brightness of the B612 right from the camera screen.

- Meet lovely, lifelike characters through AR stickers (Augmented reality features are only available on some devices.)

- Use editing tools to make your existing photos look better

- Create a collage to see all the best moments in a frame

With the utility features on B612 help users to save selected beautiful moments. No need for a digital device at all. Just Download B612 to your phone is all the image processing and photography features at your fingertips.