Avg cleaner pro

AVG Cleaner Pro is a product of the famous software firm AVG. Owning intuitive interface comes with many powerful features supported. It was created to help users clean junk files, optimize images in smartphones to save storage space, increase space and speed. In addition, it also allows the user to create different battery modes on the smartphone to match your smartphone usage and save power for the device. This will definitely make your "cricket" even "cleaner".

AVG Android allows you to quickly delete, delete and clean your browser, calls and text history, as well as identify and delete application data stored in unwanted RAM cache from the internal memory of device and SD card.

Features of AVG Cleaner pro

You absolutely can use AVG free for your Android. It brings many unique and effective features that will help improve your device performance. It focuses on handling junk files, clearing cache and improving device speed. Specifically:

- Quickly clean junk files: One of the most useful features is to clean junk files on the system to save memory space. To do this, click the Quick Quick Clean button from the main application interface. Then you check the items on the system you want to clean up. You can leave it as the default and click the Complete Cleanup button. After this process is finished, you have saved some of the storage space on your smartphone.

- Optimize photos: In addition to deleting junk files, it also helps users save storage space by optimizing images. The application can scan deeply into the system and list all image files in your device, then offer suggestions for you to optimize them. AVG Cleaner has a powerful tool to reduce the size but does not affect the image quality.

- Application manager: You can view and delete running applications that take up too much RAM, storage space and network data. It will also remind you of rarely used apps at the time of last use. From there, you can decide to keep or uninstall these apps to free up memory for your device.

- Save battery and optimize: Battery Saver provides users with information about which activities on the device consume too much power. From there, you can change some settings to restrict this. Besides, Battery Profile provides 4 records including Low Battery, Family, Work, and Car. Users can choose to change one of these 4 configurations to make the device work the way you want.

- Automatically remind: Users can turn on automatic reminders to automatically search for unnecessary applications, allowing users to clean them right in the device's notification panel.

How to play AVG Cleaner pro

This is one of the most useful applications on your smartphone, just a few simple steps to download and you have yourself a lot of different benefits. It not only helps users easily manage applications on their device but also provides efficient battery usage modes to extend battery life.

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