Audio Mp3 Cutter

The most powerful and complete audio editor! It has all the features you want in an audio editor! Audio Mp3 Cutter cutter for ringtones, merge two or more audio files, mix audio clips, change metadata fields (such as art covers, music album names, etc.), convert from this format to other formats MP3, AAC, WAV ... and the list of app features continues!

The function of Audio Mp3 Cutter


Paper cutter MP3 paper cutter: select the best part from the music, then cut and cut the desired part of the song to make the ringtone, message sound, alarm sound Integrated player, you can easily select the starting position of the ringing cutter, cut the end position and the support waveform. MP3 cutters support cutting of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AMR, etc.

Easily select music and other audio files from the list. You can search for the playlist. In addition, music, ringtones, messages, alarm clocks are also individually marked so you can easily choose. Songs are also listed in alphabetical order, so you can also select songs by scrolling.

Setting ringtone: Set the sound to be cut as ringtone, message sound, alarm sound. In addition to the standard ringtone manufacturer, you can also use the ringtone cutter for specific contacts.

Tool Audio mixing tools: mix the sound from two songs to create a remix. Songs of the same format or any format can be remixed. You can also select the volume, for example, you can keep one song at low volume and another at high volume in the mashup.


Merge audio: merge two or more audio clips. You can combine any number of audio clips and use the ringtone cutter to create unique sounds. For example, different formats can be combined. Another MP3 file and another WAV music. It also supports fade-in / fade-out support, providing professional production.

Data Metadata Editor: You can change many song metadata tags, e.g. song title tags, covers, music album names, singer/singer names, genres, composers, years, song numbers, etc. Using an mp3 cutter you can improve your controls and professional audio editing features. You can select a photo from the gallery to use on the cover photo in the tag editor.

MP3 Converter: Easily converts from one format to another. Multiple formats supported - MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, etc. You can also select the sampling frequency in the mp3 converter, such as 32 Kb, 64, 128, 192.