ASKfm is a very popular Q&A social network, used by many people. You can ask and answer questions to make money and spend on ASKfm benefits soon.

Features of ASKfm

At ASKfm app you can send open questions to your friends, answer any questions to receive ASK money. Through it you will learn more about friends by viewing their answers to questions that you submit their way, asking anonymously or not.
The more interesting your question, the more people will answer it and the more ASK you'll get.
It is very interesting, easy to use and you will be surprised at how much you learn about others and even yourself.

Users around the world, are asking and answering millions of questions in different languages. You can turn on friend tracking so that when you open the app, you can see all the questions your friends answered and answered the questions that others have sent you.
For each answer, you can add images or animated GIFs to it, see who liked your answer to each question.
If someone annoys you with anonymous questions, you can turn it off.
You can ask anonymous or public questions for any friends, classmates or even a stranger.
Ask, chat and find new friends, people nearby and even your classmates on the ASKfm Q&A social network by logging in via Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte or create an independent account.
Discover the secrets of friends, relatives, or strangers through the application anonymously or publicly at your choice. Reveal your secrets or create compelling answers to get your friends curious to know the details.
Here you can easily express yourself freely without fear of criticism or threats, the application cares about the confidentiality of communicating with friends.

You can give photo polls to people, compare anything directly on your profile and find out what people around are about smoky eyes or red lips, high heels. or sports shoes.
You should not ask people around you but ask questions through Shoutout and find a fan with similar interests near you.
The app is completely free and will save you a lot of money to do other things, is compatible with most iOS or Android devices and can sync between devices for user convenience.
It consumes very little device memory, does not consume much space and is very safe for your device. You should download and install ASKfm apk on our website to get the correct application and not waste time searching.
The application requires access to your device during installation, but this does not affect your device.
This is a very useful application but cannot avoid any shortcomings if you have questions or suggestions please contact the manufacturer to improve the application better.ASKfm, ASKfm apk, ASKfm app