Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

Welcome to Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game - an epic new multiplayer online arena game, designed and licensed by Tencent Games, the father of League of Legends. Coming to Arena of Valor, players have the opportunity to become the leader of talented, powerful heroes. Your task is to train, train them and form a strong team of heroes to participate in intense battles.

Players can invite friends to join the fight in the forest and enjoy the exciting 5v5 classic in real time. Pave the way for the first bloodshed, lead your team to the final round and become a legendary MVP in the arena.

FEATURES of Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

- Perfect real-time, real-time 5v5 MOBA game on mobile: Thoroughly research a classic 3-way arena map with full cover and dark corners between towers, observing enemies on the way and unlock many secrets hidden in the deep forest. The intuitive control system, optimally designed to suit the mobile, will help you unleash legendary skills easily and take you to the MVP tournament in a blink of an eye.

- Join friends in fierce team battles: Enjoy fast-paced battles and create alliances with players around the world. Interact with friends and other players in the tournament every day using real-time voice chat. Sharing items, working together and battling a plan - glory will not be far away.

- Experience the classic MOBA: First Blood, Double Tap, Hat-Trick ... all the features that players are used to and love in Mobile Alliance are in Arena of Valorcho Android. Discover, master a variety of game modes, including unique 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 and "Hook War". All will challenge your skills and bring you the highest MVP position.

- Develop a legendary army of heroes: Discover and command a list of more than 26 brave and powerful heroes with a full range of combat skills from solid armored tanks to agile, skillful assassins ... Build the perfect army capable of defeating your opponents on every front.

- Immediately combine and fight in real time: Instantly coordinate with many players around the world, crossing forests, roads, turrets your way, launching first damage and destroying the court Tower of the enemy. Bring your army to glory in less than 10 seconds.

- Free to play forever: In Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game, the skill of deciding to win or lose. The developer has tried to create a fair and balanced playing field so that players can switch positions, compete for glory regardless of the odds. Winning or losing, it all depends on your actions and cunning strategy.

How to play Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

In the same battle can join up to five players. Each player has a list of characters, in which each character has its own unique skills.

Select the character and lead them through the battlefield towards the tower defense of the enemy. Kill as many opponents as possible and destroy the tower of the embankment. Players can join the alliance, to have the coordination between associations to be more effective in strategic goals.

With console quality graphics, intense real-time team gameplay, and many new characters, including the first appearance of Batman, Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game promises to bring players a super product. MOBA game addictive, new and fascinating than ever. Download Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game for free on your computer and play now.