APK Editor

APK Editor is an application developed by He Pujiang from China, used to edit APK files very handy for Android platform. This application can help users to Vietnamize, change the internal details of a game, other Android applications right on their phones. What it can do depends on how you use it so you need a bit of skill to use them effectively.

Features of APK Editor

APK Editor is currently divided into 2 versions: the free version and Pro sold for more than 100k on CH Play, but if you need it in simple needs, the regular version is usually enough.

With a lightweight design, a simple interface and the default Vietnamese language, it's easy to use.

You can edit the APK file through the APK Editor application. If you don't have an APK file on your phone, you can translate it into any APK file, as long as you have the app installed on your phone.

APK Editor is an Application With APK Editor, you can directly perform all kinds of APK file editing tasks on your phone. You can easily modify Android apps anytime and anywhere without a computer.

With APK Editor, you can change the application interface, rename titles. Change wallpaper. Replace existing music or theme ringtones. Rearranging layout, application structure. Get rid of annoying ads on apps. Remove authorization limits, verify signatures, remove Google verification, etc. Although it does not support comprehensive in terms of Vietnamese game, app like a professional application, APK Editor helps beginners to learn programming work easier to get acquainted with their operating structure.

You can Help Hack game on Andorid with APK Editor. To Mod APK file also depends on your ideas and skills. You can go to the APK Editor developer homepage to see real examples and follow the instructions. Wait for a while for APK Editor to unzip the files in the application, you will see that in the String there will be a lot of pre-written phrases and text in the input boxes. Now your next job is to edit the text into the language you want by applying your knowledge or through Google Translate. The job is easy when you just follow the sequence Copy the original language> translate> copy and paste. Once completed, click the Build button to create the new file and then you just need to go to the correct place> settings to be able to use.

How to use APK Editor

After installing, you open the APK Editor to work - now it will give you two ways to practice with your application including: Choose 1 apk file and select the application currently installed above. machine. For apk files, the system will automatically lead you to the download folder containing the apk file, there are up to 3 ways to edit including: In depth, simple and usual. Discover the options in your own way.