Apex Legends

Apex Legends apk belongs to the genre of online shooting survival games installed on the new generation PC focusing on the battle of attractive robot fighting machines with unique skills, called Legend. Instead of the standard 100 players per game like the Battle Royale series, Apex Legends has only 60 people / map, the Squad in the game is also 3 instead of 4.

Join Apex Legends Online players are forced to choose one of 8 Legend - each with their own skills and style and form a 3-person squad to fight with each other. Each Legend will have its own skill like Bloodhound that can observe the activities of nearby enemies on the map (not unlike wall-hacking) or Lifeline to help shield and revive teammates (a form of versatile support).

Features of Apex Legends

Players can encounter a fictional PUBG right from the first moments of joining Apex Legends. Gamers will also be parachuted into a very large map and immediately step into the survival battle when setting foot on the ground. Hundreds of weapons as well as items scattered everywhere will be indispensable equipment for gamers in this fierce battle.

Combining different characters with other players, you can create battles, spectacular action scenes, great tactics to take advantage of survival in the game.

Another great feature of this blockbuster action game, is that even if your teammates are down, although it is not possible to "emergency" but you can still revive them at any point on the map. play. This is also a feature that is said to create connections between players and create a strong Apex Legends community.

How to play Apex Legends game

Step 1: You start the Origin software on the computer, then log in your Origin account to play the Apex Legends shooter. From the main interface of Origin, select My Game Library and then left-click on the game icon to launch.

Step 2: Click left mouse button on Play.

Step 3: The first game interface appears, follow the instructions on the screen to continue

Press ESC key to exit character introduction interface.

Step 4: In the next interface, select Ready to find teammates and play immediately.

Step 5: Players can press E to jump from the plane down. If your teammates request a joint dance you don't want, press and hold the E key to cancel (while falling) or you can press CTRL to (jump alone).