AOSP Music

Answer to the question What is AOSP Music? AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is a program created with the purpose of promoting the development of the Android operating system. AOSP is also known as "completely free Android", Google makes all the source code public, so that everyone can access and use it for free.

AOSP is operated by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA - Open Handset Alliance, established on November 5, 2007). There are many AOSP-based operating systems, such as LineageOS. Google also doesn't collect money from AOSP and customized operating systems also don't have the Google Play Store or bundled Google services.

The Android version that billions of users on Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, etc. are licensed versions with full functionality is available, such as location, allows you to purchase within the app, information security, Gmail, Drive to entertainment like Youtube ... When Google withdraws the license to use Android, this means that Huawei smartphones will lose access to new operating system versions and app stores. use.


Feature of AOSP Music

AOSP includes a range of software layers in the operating system, providing access points and tools for developers and applications. AOSP is divided into many different level layers.
The lower level layer is where device manufacturers code the operating system to work with specific hardware. The Linux Kernel is the core program that manages CPU resources. The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) links common application APIs for Bluetooth, audio, etc. with the device's microphone and speakers.

The higher-level classes are used by application developers. The native library allows developers to build content with popular low-end libraries such as OpenGL ES, Webkit, etc. Android Frameworks provide developers with application hooks for common functions. of the operating system. The Android Runtime is a middleman, converting application code into instructions for basic hardware.

Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and even Google offer their Android experience, introducing their own unique features and ideas. All this is done thanks to a common base operating system, providing core functionality.

How To Install AOSP Music

Download Emulators for Windows PC from the official pages below to install them.

Best emulators are here:; Or as an alternative

Open the Android emulator and login with the Google account.

AOSP Music app is available on the Play Store. So search and find it.

Choose the install option under the AOSP Music logo, and enjoy it!