ANT Radio Service

ANT Radio Service is a system service installed by your device manufacturer or added as part of an update to your device. This application is an extremely effective wireless communication technology, ANT allows you to connect and use many ANT devices or other devices. The application has been used by a lot of users and it is sure that it will have a better version to meet the needs of users.

Features OF ANT Radio Service

ANT Radio Service allows you to connect to ANT and popular sports and fitness / fitness devices like heart rate sensors, fitness equipment, cycling products, weights, and more. , similar to the system components that allow other forms of wireless connectivity on your phone (for example, WiFi, NFC) and won't run or use system resources unless you start the application requires ANT wireless communication. It may be that the manufacturer pre-installed to allow the ANT wireless hardware built into your mobile device to work. If you do not intend to use this feature, there will be no impact on your system and no further action is required.

If this service is not already installed on your phone, you can still activate ANT communication.

This system service cannot be started directly. It will automatically run in the background whenever any application that requires ANT wireless communication is used.
ANT is an ultra-low power wireless technology suitable for low data rate applications such as sensors, displays, beacons, commands and controls, etc. Connecting devices and transferring data is very simple with our ANT API. Developing applications for ANT + devices is even easier when using the ANT + API

This application requires access to your device:

- Full network access: ANT radio service will never download or upload any data via the internet. This permission is only required in case it requires access to the internet socket to communicate with USB USB ANT on Windows servers using ANT Android Emulation Tool. This interface requires INTERNET permission but only communicates with local PC.

- Modify system settings: Allows initializing whether to turn off or hold ANT when Airplane mode is entered or not.

- Bluetooth administrator: On some hardware configurations, ANT may require communication with Bluetooth at the system level. This service will not start scanning bluetooth or creating bluetooth connections.

How to use ANT Radio Service

After downloading and installing ANT Radio Service to your computer, you need to allow access to the system and use the application easily. I believe this application will bring trust and satisfaction to you.