Animal Crossing APK

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game is a simulation game built on Android and iOS mobile platforms, bringing gamers into the colorful pet world, in which the humanized animals become little girls and boys. Friendly, enthusiastic. The outstanding feature of the game is free gameplay, players can freely do what they want in a fun and happy world.

In the game, the player lives in a village whose neighbors are entirely anthropomorphized animals. The main task of gamers is to participate in hunting, hunting, fossil hunting ...

Your basic habit in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is quite similar to previous Animal Crossing games: you wander around different natural areas, make friends with artificial animals and collect food yourself. course like fruit and fish. The map is divided into themed areas: you can drive your car to camp on Breezy Hollow to pick some apples, then head down to the beach to collect shells and fish.

Leaf Tickets is the currency unit in this game. You can use them for all activities like adding resources for building furniture or speeding up the construction of utilities. Throw Nets is a mode that allows you to catch a lot of fish at once, and honey too, all sold in exchange for Leaf Tickets.

It can be said that the ""arbitrary"" of the game has created its special attraction compared to the games with specific storylines and objectives, tasks that are quite popular today. Although it looks quite ""simple"", but the game has an exchange system, interaction and operation extremely complex, diverse and attractive.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be free to download for mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems at the end of November.

Features of Animal Crossing APK

Because it is designed for mobile platforms, Nintendo has optimized quite well in terms of interface and character control mechanism as well as interaction with the game, giving players a sense of comfort when playing games. You can choose between swiping or tapping the screen to navigate the character.

In addition, the attractive point in this series is that the game will have an open ending, not confined to a framework at all. It all depends on the player, the decisions and actions you make throughout the game will greatly affect the whole story of the game, making the player curious to continue discover

How to play Animal Crossing APK

- Complete the requirements of animals

- Fabrication of furniture and comfort

- Invite the animals around to visit your camp

- Create a style campsite