AmpMe is the # 1 Android app that allows you to turn your friends into a portable audio system! Simply connect mobile devices with friends, strangers or even foreigners and start a party. Join the community of millions of AmpMe users around the world!

The best part? Our app is FREE!

We have all the music you may need; YouTube, Spotify & amp; Your own Music Library.

AmpMe can take any situation and turn it into a party. Listen to the music you want by syncing your device to create a great mobile audio system. Not dig deep what DJ is playing? Let them know with our new chat feature or just add a song to the queue! Don't forget to invite and follow your Facebook friends to be notified when they throw a party!

Features of AmpMe

Increase the volume of your device speakers!

Play music from YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud or your personal music library

Sync with friends to play music and watch videos on multiple devices at the same time. The more devices you connect, the bigger the party!

Control the playlist with your friends and use the free portable speaker volume booster AmpMe to maximize your sound!

A world record

AmpMe synchronization technology is so powerful that it syncs music across 22,000 devices, breaking a world record!

Get media recognition

AmpMe has been reported in major publications such as CNN, BBC, Wall Street Journal, variety shows, TechCrunch, CNET, GQ, Engadget,

Friends and infected people:

With AmpMe, you can join a free live party anytime and connect Remack with your friends, DJs, influencers, and even strangers all over the world!

Log in with Facebook or Google to connect with friends, follow their profile, and be notified when they start a party. This way, you can help organize playlists through song recommendations or adjust their song selections in the conversation;)

How to use AmpMe

1 - Download AmpMe on your Android device

2 - Start your party through Youtube, Spotify or your music library or join a party if you don't feel like a DJ

3 - Everyone at the party can listen to the same music and watch the same video at the same time.

4 - If you start the party, you are the DJ and can control what people are listening to. Guests can also add songs at a party - that's if you want them"