Amino apk

Amino helps you share and connect easily with people around you. You can discover and create lots of new videos, post to show your interests to people, call and text with lots of people from everywhere. The application is fully royalty-free.

Features of Amino

The Amino app helps you share a lot of things from yourself, be it sad stories, images,... for everyone.

It also allows you to create videos, stories, add text, background music, integrated video editing features, and even turn horizontal videos into vertical videos (so that they display in full screen) with brightness. Create your very own unique and make it stand out for everyone to see and comment on.

You can enjoy videos and blogs covering everything from Art and Anime to K-Pop and Video Games, created by avid fans like you. At the same time, you can also comment on your own about the issues...

The app creates a vast community network and is a bustling safe space with thousands of super-friendly fans.

Join the conversation with your relatives, friends and even new friends. You can discuss Indie games, DIY and Nightcore projects, or participate in Roleplay skits and singing competitions. Use stickers to express your feelings to people.

In addition to acquaintances, you can also meet and make new people from everywhere. You can preview information and posts of new friends to make friends with them or not. Meeting and chatting directly with strangers can be very difficult for you, with this app people can connect more easily with each other.

Just download the free and easy-to-use Amino app online to stay connected with everyone, from the most important people to new friends. You can chat privately or create favorite groups to talk to them, each group consists of many members and you can add anyone to the group via their phone number or email address or for They are out of the group, you can also leave the group. These groups will help you connect more closely with family, relatives or easily interact with your colleagues. You can also easily convert a call to a video call without pasting the clip.

You can customize your profile, leave it hidden or make it publicly available.

You can make some settings in this application, for example, mute specific chat or the entire application.

The application integrates many different languages, and all friends from all over the world can easily communicate through this application with just a very simple operation, frequently texting, video chatting without paying any fee. The free will save you a lot of money compared to regular contacts, but it contains ads that make you a little uncomfortable to use.

The application is compatible with most iOS devices, Android and computers, so you can chat with friends anytime, wherever you are.

This application is very safe and all personal information is under your control and it is not published without your permission.

You can easily download Amino apk on this website. "