Amazon Music

Amazon Music apk is a software that functions as a music player, helping you listen and download your favorite songs and music through the Amazon cloud service as well as listen to music directly on your computer. To enjoy music with Amazon Music, you only need to meet two conditions: have an Amazon account and a computer with an internet connection.

Amazon Music detects other music players in computer systems such as iTunes or Windows Media Player and automatically uploads music tracks from these stores to Amazon Music, categorizing music tracks by artist name, album, Song title and genre. Similarly, music tracks are also exported back to other music programs.

In addition, Amazon Music offers many configuration options to play songs from a certain folder in your computer in three modes: queue, shuffle and repeat, as well as create playlists by dragging and dropping music tracks. from the directory containing the program.

You can also choose to buy music from the Amazon store and download it to your computer. The "Search" feature helps you quickly find songs, music tracks in your computer library or in the Amazon store, limiting the most relevant search results before downloading music.

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Amazon Music app runs on Amazon's own iPhone, iPad, Android and Fire TV devices. "Music fans will be able to listen to thousands of sources with any song from any artist, genre or era, enjoy the world's top playlists, and the best songs. suitable for each holiday season, "the company announced in a recently posted blog post. If you want, you can experience the free version of Amazon Music with this ad at You don't need an Amazon Prime premium subscription to use this service, nor do you need to provide your payment or credit card information - however you need an Amazon account.

Key features of Amazon Music

- Play and download music via Amazon account.

- Classification of music tracks.

- Create music playlists.

How to use Amazon Music

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