Mobile games are one of the best ways to entertain yourself in your free time, waiting, playing or boring working hours. Crazy Labs will help you have a relaxing time with your latest fun game called AMAZE!. AMAZE apk  is a puzzle game with simple rules and addictive gameplay. All you need to do is lead the ball rolling around every corner to paint the maze. Currently, the game is available on mobile platforms including Android and iOS operating systems.

If you've played Roller Splat! From Voodoo, you will easily recognize the similarity in the gameplay between these two games. But basically, Roller Splat! is only a certain level of levels and many levels of gameplay to encourage you to come up with a faster solution, AMAZE! again provides a rich level system, for you to experience the change and novelty through each game screen.

It's a puzzle game, but you won't need to brainstorm and spend too much time solving each level in AMAZE!. The game has no level or movement limit, so you can roll the ball for as long as you like as long as you cover the entire maze path with the paint.

A player's goal in the AMAZE! game. is to guide the ball through every walkway in the maze to paint the surface of each brick. To do this, simply swipe your finger in different directions to move the ball. The ball may pass through the painted path without any effect. It may sound easy to just roll the ball back and forth, but there are stages where you can hardly find a way to paint the paint on only the last 1 or 2 bricks. In addition to the indiscriminate play style, you also need to observe carefully to find the most suitable direction. The difficulty of the puzzles will continuously increase to the next level as the maze becomes more and more complex.

Speaking of labyrinths in the game, the developers have designed them very well. You will never encounter two mazes with the same design in the game. The complexity of these mazes makes the game even more challenging. With a huge number of puzzles and lots of challenges, the game will definitely bring exciting experiences to players.


- Many interesting levels

- Nice graphics and sounds

- One-finger control system

- Original gameplay

In AMAZE!, the controls have been optimized on mobile devices. You can easily play the game with one hand because of the simple operation. You just swipe left, right, top and down to control the ball moving. The nice and hard part of the game is that you cannot stop the ball anywhere but just stop when touching the wall. To win, you need to rely on the characteristics of the maze at each level and control the ball intelligently and carefully.

Seeing the tunnel covered with colorful paints is a very satisfying experience, especially for those who love perfection. If you are looking for a new option to add to your collection of offline games that can be played anytime anywhere, then don't miss download AMAZE! about the machine.