Amateur surgeon 4

Amateur Surgeon 4 is a super surgery game, super horror. In the game you will transform into a surgeon for all types of patients, curing them will mean your task has been completed. Although the topic of the two games is the same, the details of both are very different. For example, the in-game surgeon is not a doctor but a shipper, the patient is not a normal person but an Egyptian mummy or a robot. Even your surgical instruments are not specialized equipment, but bookbinding machines, fire extinguishers, etc.

Images in the game take a cartoon style that makes the "horror" shown not very normal. There will be many times the player will be startled because of his blood pressure and heart rate, if not careful you will be "frozen" because of it. However, the image in the game is still not to that extent, just to compensate for the hype the patient's condition. For example, the patient's ribs were broken, the heart jumped like a string, even the player had to check the location of the broken bone somewhere, then use a scalpel, after the blood spurted out. can take out the broken bone.

Each cut, the next injection is the life of the patient, reminding us of our younger days. Exciting game makes players not feel bored. But here the stimulation is greatly reduced. Not only is it because the cartoon-style image loses its sense of humor, but it is also due to the influence of how to get inside. The way around the game is to star, so the more you go inside, the harder the level will increase. To get higher value stars, you have to challenge again, but apart from patients who are more likely to die, there is not much change in the way of play and missions. Getting used to your hand will easily overcome challenges and will not feel stimulating anymore.

In addition to the familiar skills, the cure is also the reason the game is not stimulating. The types of wounds in the game are not many, most of them are the ones that use the book-stitching machine to sew the wound, then fire, apply a layer of universal medicine (glue). technically difficult. Although in the process, there are also steps such as using electric shock, bone fitting, heart injection, but it is also indispensable to several steps of cutting, stitching, breathing and covering. The gameplay is not much easy to make players play a few games were bored.