Air Control Lite APK

Air traffic controllers have some of the most important jobs out there - without any passengers realizing, they route any aircraft you fly across the sea of ​​other air planes.

Thanks to them, the aircraft do not crash into each other during the flight and they are often subjected to a lot of stress with the number of aircraft they are responsible for at a time.

Air Control Lite apk is a free game app designed by Four Pixels for Android mobile devices that offers simple but crazy gameplay.

This is an addictive drawing game where you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller, in which you try to coordinate all the planes and helicopters that want to land at your airport. Sometimes, there are more than half a dozen planes in the sky at the same time, making this task a breeze.

Basically, Air Control Lite sets the landing pattern just like a real airport. My last legs and legs were very short to bring the plane to the ground as quickly as possible. The core strategy is to bring the aircraft into the wind.

Features of Air Control Lite

- Classic game mode as well as unique puzzle game mode

- High scores online

- Countless addictive game hours

- Android air traffic controller game

How to play Air Control Lite game

When you first launch the app, you will be faced with a simple screen that allows you to navigate around the app, including buttons to start the game, go to the app's settings and replace Change the map.

In this simple but surprisingly drawing game, you take on the role of Air Traffic Control. Your job is to direct the aircraft to the runway while avoiding collisions.

In Air Control Lite, you act as an Air Traffic Controller with the goal of air traffic control and help the aircraft land safely on the ground. Players must ensure a smooth aircraft landing while avoiding collisions.

The gameplay in Air Control Lite is simple: when you see an airplane (or helicopter), you have to touch it and draw its path to the runway. The problem is, you have to draw these paths so that the planes don't collide. If you make a mistake, the game is over.

The key issue here is the speed of the large jets, you should give them private runways or try to put them in the gaps. Players will leave a space to extend the wind of warplanes and bombers to be able to jam the aircraft quickly. It will be advantageous to delay the "next line" landing to give you time to think.

In addition, this Android game has two game modes - Classic and Puzzle, each with its own challenges and goals. In addition, its easy game controls and simple graphics add to its appeal.

In normal mode and real mode, the player plays the role of a flight attendant in a plane. After serving as a flight attendant for humans, the player then becomes a flight attendant for zombies, then switches to a first-person shooter. Eventually, it became a flight simulator, allowing players to control an airplane.

Killjoy mode allows the player to use a set of keys to control the aircraft from outside.