AIMP is one of the few most professional and excellent music applications for Android devices. This is a lighter mobile version of the popular AIMP music platform with all the features included in the computer version. If you are looking for a good audio player, then use AIMP because this is an audio player with an intuitive design and many interesting features that you may not find in any audio player.

With AIMP, you can choose to manage and categorize all your MP3 audio files in a well-preserved digital library. You can also choose to edit all your tags and have fun listening to them in high quality. AIMP also supports other commonly used formats, such as Karaoke files and other playlist formats.

The interface is customizable and boasts a normal playback function, also incorporates an 18-band audio equalizer, fairly neat wallpaper, a separate window function so you can also view tracks. Other tracks in his playlist and regular filters help avoid sudden sounds and change the volume. Interestingly, the software can display audio graphics in the form of visual charts. In addition, the application also has an editor for audio files such as creating playlists, converting audio formats, recording and editing music information cards.

In addition, AIMP integrates the ability to add extensions, set automatic shutdowns, create shortcuts, ... The program also supports search, multi-user and multi-language mode, full Unicode. As a result, the files are sorted by name, by tag, or a preset pattern. This is really a useful tool for music management and music library management.

Features of AIMP

The file format is supported.

Support the CUE sheet.

Balance supports 8 equalizers.

Automatically detect and decode data on the card.

Support displaying album covers (from tags / from file folders).

Repeat playlist / song / playback without repeating.

Play music from File manager (file manager).

Control playback from the notification area (Android 3.0 and above).

Control playback via the headset (Headset).

Group music files according to the template.

Manual music classification.

Delete files manually.

Download the file from the selected directory.

Search for files by filters.

A quick scan of files from a memory card.

How to use AIMP

After installing and starting the application, the AIMP interface will be displayed with playlists and empty music playlists. To add any music files, you must touch the popup in the upper right corner of the screen to perform the operation. After selecting the desired songs, the playlist will appear on the main screen. From this main interface, users can also swipe left to edit the equalizer. AIMP for Android supports an 8-band equalizer with many built-in presets like Jazz, Party, Pop, Rap, Rock, Soft or Vocal.