Age of Wushu Dynasty is an irresistible swordplay game with the appearance of four legendary sects in Chinese martial arts: Wudang, Emei, Shaolin and Tang.

Surely if you are passionate about the games developed from attorney movies, Chinese historical games or swordplay games, few people will not know about the Age of Wushu Dynasty game. The game features a system of martial arts sects and fighting styles that are reproduced faithfully on a par with cinematic techniques, extremely 3D graphics accompanied by intuitive controls, making the game as immersed in the struggle for power of the legendary martial arts masters. In addition to participating in practicing martial arts in the dojo, players also have to complete a series of tasks such as competing with other sects, upgrading equipment, weapons for the character and making an effort to be promoted. in the world. In addition, you can play Age Of War game is also very interesting.

Basically, Age of Wushu Dynasty game owns the main gameplay is to overcome the frontier. Players will turn to participate in the tasks arranged on the map, collect loot, explore the vast game world and gradually upgrade items and equipment for the character. One of the most noticeable points in the Nine Yin Chan mobile version is that gamers will also be pleased with the skills development, martial arts, scare, acupuncture points ....; the freedom to learn all kinds of "divine" martial arts, both internal and external. Once you are confident in your abilities, you can register to compete with other players in PvP mode or "pause" the game to rest by traveling and enjoying the scenery.

Age of Wushu Dynasty apk belongs to the genre of Chinese swordplay game extremely attractive thanks to beautiful graphics, engaging action-adventure gameplay, many arenas for you to show your combat techniques and multi-task system format. Age of Wushu Dynasty is highly appreciated for its detailed graphics and classic hand-drawn images.

Discover together the beautiful virtual world, covered by blooming orchids orchid blooming, magnificent capital and indispensable other fiery arenas. On the background of 3D graphics with the quality not inferior to the computer version, Age of Wushu Dynasty takes the player back to the past, in the Ming Dynasty in China, dressed in a standard Kungfu warrior costume. and fight in many really beautiful locations.


- Experience the world of Chinese ancient history

Discover a fantasy world based on ink graphics with gardens, forests, martial arts and battle scenes built true to PC. With all that the game has integrated, it can be said, Age of Wushu Dynasty almost revived the most legendary martial arts heroes in the Ming Dynasty of China, from costumes, a martial system to how to implement them in the matches.

- The struggle for power of four sects: Choose one of four sects: Wudang, Emei, Tang and Shaolin to start the path of proclaiming your galaxy. Each discipline possesses different ways of training and martial arts, giving you the freedom to customize the appearance and skills of the character at the highest level.

- Join the life and death arena: Become a master of Chinese Kungfu martial arts thanks to the improved combat system in Age of Wushu Dynasty for iOS. With the familiar guillotine mechanism, the confrontation is extremely fast-paced but it is an indispensable tactical element in it. Your goal is to lock down the opponent, attack directly and from multiple sides, break the defense and defeat the enemy after effective attacks.

- Challenge opponents in PvP mode: Age of Wushu Dynasty opens a world of Ninja, assassin, Kungfu and many other traditional martial arts. All gathered in the most authentic PvP tournament. You can also join a party to battle in a new PvP Guild Raid mode.

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