is a game "big fish eat small fish" is a lot of people choose, it was extremely entertaining and also no shortage of brain damage challenges. In this game, you play a cell, gamers will fight against other players who are also cells with the effort to live them to grow, and be alert to not being eaten by the guys. other. At the beginning of the game, the game is quite easy, but through each challenging stage, it will become harder and harder as your body enlarges, making movement difficult. Meanwhile, hostile forces swallow a "fertile" bait like you. So be resilient against it all.

Players are allowed to divide the body into small cells when too fat. However, the smaller you are, the more likely you are to be eaten by larger cells and your prey is limited. It is a good point that wants to bring to you: Easy to start but extremely hard to conquer. Use every skill you have to be the winner in the shortest possible time.

Features OF is a light-hearted intellectual puzzle game that works to train intelligence, agility and very high judgment. The reason the game is suitable for all types of players of any age by its special features such as:

- The game will give you can earn XP and get more prizes.

- With the addition of more than 80 new and stronger skins to protect you against aggressive enemies.

- will receive a modification to increase the speed to devour the enemy as quickly as possible.

- You can track your achievements after each game screen.

- Share the results with friends and see who will be the "killer" cell.

- Always fix bugs and improve performance.

- When chased by large cells, gamers can use the dendritic cells to protect themselves

- Multiplayer mode will be very beneficial when you search for cells of the same level but it is very risky if you are surrounded by a certain group. Joining this game mode will give you the ability to constantly clone to eat other prey, especially large prey.

How to play game

- You will start with a small cell with the task of swallowing the colorful small particles around. If you see the same color cells, combine to increase the size for yourself. As you get older, look for smaller goals, because the bigger the size, the longer it takes to swallow and the enemy can take the opportunity to swallow you.

- Never bother "foraging" but forget that you are always in a state of being swallowed by other cells. So, check your surroundings before you focus on the prey ahead.