AFK Arena

AFK Arena apk is a card strategy game, developed by Lilith Games. Although the game is highly tactical, its gameplay is aimed at casual gamers so it is not too difficult for new players to learn and participate in the game.

Because this is a turn-based fighting game, the interface has it designed to be simple, convenient and has a story that appeals to all gamers, can be played on both iOS and Android. You can download AFK Arena via Appstore and Google Play.

Like every turn-based strategy game, the AFK Arena also owns a lot of different heroes. You can collect during game participation. Each character will assume a certain role depending on the position that the player arranges. At first it may be a bit fuzzy, but the later this element becomes more and more clear.

The game guides you as if you are reading a novel that tells the story of each hero. In total, the game currently has more than 30 characters that you can choose, including 4 main classes Wilders, Maulers, Graveborn, Mummy and Lightbringer.

In terms of interface, the game is designed to play with vertical screens, allowing you to perform operations even while lying down with just two fingers and the game will automatically run in battle. It sounds simple and easy but AFK Arena will have difficult challenges such as leveling up heroes or getting equipment, so you have to be very diligent to get.

When fighting, you are required to arrange the position in a group of 6 characters, in which each character will have a beautiful skill animation when you activate. The special thing about the AFK Arena is that it will still evolve even when you are offline. That also means you can hang the game to gain more experience points and items.

How to play AFK Arena

Step 1: You start the game AFK Arena after you've downloaded and successfully installed this game on your device.

Step 2: At the first access to this game, the system will ask the user to agree to the terms in the game, click Accept. Immediately we will be transferred to the interface to learn the story of this game AFK Arena.

Step 3: The system will switch us to the main interface of the game, where we will participate in conquests by clicking the Start button, now we will select the generals who will participate in the donation.

- While selecting a squad, you can move the champion to the desired position and press confirm to start the fight.

With the familiar playing card, our generals will automatically attack, and when full of force we will click on each champion to immediately activate the skill.

Step 4: A special feature in the AFK Arena game is that players can equip their generals through the Hero section. Not only that, while the person is still in the game this game will continue to train the level automatically.