AdVenture Capitalist apk

The clicker series always aim primarily to kill time, but some games make the player more time-consuming than expected. It is also a model of Adventure Capitalist game, you will start your entrepreneurial journey from opening a lemonade stand, from which to raise capital to develop other high-class and larger-scale professions, and If so, you will soon become rich. The game is light-hearted but very addictive, because you always have to try a little more to upgrade the things in the game.

In download Adventure Capitalist, you will have to turn your small initial sum into a hefty fortune by trading and investing in the direction of a talented trader. Whether with the hack Capital Adventure hack for android that we shared above, what can you do and the greatest number of assets you gain?

Want to become a billionaire in the hack game Adventure Capitalist download is not a simple thing. You need to have a rules of play and follow it, just one wrong investment is part of your assets will not fly. There are many challenges that people often say: The marketplace is the battlefield.

Join Adventure Capitalist apk, you can also hire your own employees, upgrade them and show them how to dominate the market and attract capital to invest in your company, spoiled for increased profits.

This Adventure Capitalist game can be addictive. Once you have entered the path of making money not difficult by investing in this business, nothing can stop you, becoming a billionaire with the hack game Adventure Capitalist is only a matter of time!

Features of AdVenture Capitalist game

- Simulate reality from starting a business to becoming a billionaire.
- There are many areas to invest: peddling, opening stores, companies ...
- Hire staff, manage to run the business.
- Buying and selling, upgrading business.
- Dominate the market, become monopoly all over the world.
- Attracting investors to increase profits.
- Reaching for the moon.
- Simple gameplay, addictive.
- 626 achievements waiting for you to discover.
- Nice graphics, funny.

How to play AdVenture Capitalist game

- Initially you will be a lemonade seller make money, each lemon you will have $ 1.
- After the lemonade business is profitable, you will have money to open a newspaper store, a car wash shop, a pizzeria, eventually there will be a bank, an oil company, and you will become a billion Rich indeed - AdVenture Capitalist allows you to hire managers to run your business and maximize its efficiency. They will sell you and collect money for you, you just need to focus on the management at the macro level.
- The more money you make, the more you attract the Angle Investors