1945 Air Forces

Air Force 1945 apk is a shooting game in which you control a bomber to destroy opponents on the ground and shoot down enemy aircraft in the air. The game takes you to a fierce dog battle where you "unilaterally" fight off enemy forces both on the ground and in the air in a fly-style manner.

Fly classic aircraft from 1942 to 1945 and face enemies in the air and on the water. Fly your plane from WW 2 and shoot down enemies to destroy them. Constantly try to upgrade your weapons and avoid enemy fire to survive. Enemies can be different each time, so learn about their flight and shooting patterns and adjust them according to their style. And near the end of each stage, face the big boss and crush it to pieces.

With simple ideas and endless fun, the game will allow you to relive the experience of the classic 90s shooter. The game includes 16 famous fighters from World War 2 and many modes. Fascinating game for you to explore.

With simple and attractive gameplay, along with great graphics has brought the difference of this game compared to other games. You will be immersed in an intense battle. Moreover, you can play the game for free and even if you do not have an internet connection.

Featured of 1945 Air Forces

One of the things that make the explosion and the difference that the game makes is the features of the game. Here you will be brought to the extremely perfect experience for players:

- The game has many perfect combat experiences: Many fighters, companions and equipment to choose from: your personal arsenal is high tech! And you can play games.

- Interesting campaigns: With over 100 levels filled with enemies and dramatic action scenes, it attracts players.

- Additional modes: Bombing, boss battles and protection - each mode has its own unique gameplay.

- Giant bosses: Fight and defeat the giant bosses, and defeat their minions to win. Find the Danmaku shrapnel.

- Stunning visuals: Air Force 1945 - screen shooters have never been so great with great visuals. Experience the battle in the sky full of excitement. Choose fighters and free the country from invaders. The symphony of a dog duel and heroic charisma make for an unforgettable experience.

- A classic modernization style: The 1945 Air Force will surprise you with graphics and gameplay. The game revives the best youth memories of longtime gamers. After participating in the game, you will become a fan of the Air Force in 1945

- Future updates: PvP, Co-op, Friends.

How to play 1945 Air Forces game

Air Force in 1945 - a masterpiece remake of the classic arcade experience. Control your fighter plane to destroy enemies, final bosses and overcome campaigns.