1010 Color

1010 Color is a block puzzle game for iOS and Android devices that will challenge you and train your brain. The game assigns tasks to players with groups to remove them from a randomly generated puzzle. Drag and drop puzzle pieces on the board, aiming to combine sets of 3 colors or more. Merge three to delete blocks, leaving space for new pieces. The more blocks you have in the same color combination, the higher the score you get. This game can be played for free or paid, so that you can avoid the expansion ads appearing in the middle of most rounds, as well as when you are trying to access the application's menu. This mobile puzzle game can help children practice progressive thinking and spatial awareness skills.

Features of 1010 Color

When a player spends an amount of money to pay for advertising, they will not be bothered. Players may prefer that there is less time pressure in some similar block matching games - although there is really no explanation for how to play this, which causes the number of points you get and each level. The length of each round seems arbitrary.

In each level, players are provided with different shaped blocks, each consisting of one of the more colorful blocks (they have the same shape as Tetromino blocks in Tetris game). Players will need to drag these blocks into the 10x10 grid and place them so that three or more blocks of the same color touch and disappear. The blocks received are random, making each game different from the last time. Players can continue to place pieces on the board until there is no room left. For example, if a block they receive is five blocks long, but there is a gap on the board that is at least five blocks long, the game will end.

This game has no time limit, instead you play until when the game board is filled and there is no room for additional parts to be inserted. There is no time limit so you should think carefully, create a strategy suitable for all your moves.

The best strategy is to stay away from the center of the screen for as long as possible. This game has been tested extensively, so give that experience to you. The more open spaces you have around, the easier it is to place bigger blocks later in the game.

Think outside the box, create an open mind before you put the blocks in place on the screen, to create a lot of success.

When you form many blocks of the same color will appear gifts, help you break more blocks and get more points.

This game has a tool: it's the brush button in the upper left corner. This is a weapon that helps you extend your playing sessions. When you collect a certain number of points, the game will activate the brush as an assistant. This means that the player has the ability to remove all colored blocks from the board, for example, if the brush is green, the player can make all blue blocks disappear.

How to play 1010 Color game

Download and join this game to become the person with the highest score. Just simple operation you can play, it's click data and move the boxes on the screen above to match the same color blocks from 3 or more blocks. The more you play, the more skill and play you'll get.