1010 Block

1010 Block Puzzle Game apk is a challenging and intellectual puzzle game. The game will test your skills with many fascinating challenges. The purpose of the game is to drag and drop puzzle pieces on the game board to form horizontal or vertical lines to make them disappear. The pieces on the game board come in a variety of shapes and colors, but you do not need to care about their colors, just care about the shapes to arrange them properly. The more pieces you clear at once, the higher the score you get. This game has been downloaded a lot and players have achieved very high scores.

Features of 1010 Block Puzzle Game

No time limit, no color matching, just fill the grid with shapes to form a line and train your brain with 1010! Block Puzzle Game.

Many games require you to match the same colors but in this game you do not need to do that, just combine the blocks forming a horizontal or vertical row or more.

Connect puzzle blocks in this addictive matching game. Start and stop anytime, no matter where you go.

This is the perfect challenge for a short brain training time on the bus, at school or in the office, because only the androi device or IOS can easily play this game.

Connect shapes along with addictive, simple to learn brain teaser gameplay. Combine puzzle blocks to build and destroy full lines both vertically and horizontally. Combining the blocks in this addictive challenge will put your logical skills to the test.

It has no time limit but when you make an unreasonable arrangement to fill the pictures, there is no room to line up the next ones, you will lose.

With beautiful interface and funny sounds combined with simple gameplay but requires deep thinking, this game will help you have fun experiences.

Requires you to persevere and focus when participating in this game so it will train you with perseverance and the ability to concentrate highly.

This game has a rating based on the level of points so you can duel with friends or with players everywhere.

How to play 1010 Block Game

After downloading and installing 1010 Block Puzzle Game on the machine is that you can challenge it. The game with extremely simple gameplay, you just need to drag the pieces to form a horizontal or vertical line, destroy all the pieces and win. Gather many rows at once to score very high and become the top of the rankings. Wish you will conquer this game.